laptop computer with screen open showing the outline of the state of Missouri with a representation of the state flag colors of red, white, and blue and an enlarged yellow pointer arrow cursor with text Technology Association for Visually Impaired Missourians

Our Mission

The Mission of Technology Association for Visually Impaired Missourians is to provide computer equipment, training materials, and other adaptive technology to qualifying Missourians who are visually impaired, with the intent to empower individuals in current-day communication.


If you are a Missourian, age 55+, please complete the following needs survey to help let us know of your tech and training needs. https://forms.gle/csJZe9FGVwmus7477

Now Offering

Free training on the easy-to-use BlindShell Classic 2 Phone. For those who qualify, you can apply to obtain the phone through Missouri TAP Program at no cost. Or, if you’d like to purchase, contact, Debbie with the Orbit Training Center for the Blind, 417-423-6385. The BlindShell was created as “the world’s best all-in-one accessible cell phone that provides greater independence, freedom to express, and the ability to communicate the way you desire.” It has a tactile keypad, a larger screen with more information displayed for easier reading, and enhanced voice control functionality. If you have a visual impairment or other disabilities that make operating a standard smartphone or cell phone difficult, the BlindShell may just be the phone for you.

black phone with white text contrast