The primary purpose of TAVIM is to empower blind Missourians 55+ who are interested in learning to use a computer to acquire new skills that expand their communication and information management skills. Our target population typically has not had the opportunity to receive training or they may be recently blinded and need to learn how to use adaptive software. TAVIM will provide a refurbished computer to applicants if they do not have a computer, plus the software and training needed to help them develop these skills that are essential in today’s society. The software and hardware provided will become their property upon completion of training. In rare cases, TAVIM may be able to provide a computer to individuals who have computer skills but in need of updating their equipment and/or skills.

The computers provided will be be set up with three versions of software in order to provide the basis for instruction. The computers will also be loaded with a screen reader for used by those who cannot see the screen. The computers will be equipped with a mouse, monitor, and other basic accessories. At this time, the basic accessories do not include a printer or scanner.

Training materials will be distributed to participants in the way of recorded lessons and remote training. Participants are encouraged to proceed at their own rate in training on their own, but are always encouraged to contact trainers for assistance. Access to individual training in one’s home will be limited, of course, by available transportation as well as availability of a trainer in your area.

We encourage applicants interested in services from the TAVIM program to complete the Missouri Assistive Technology – TAP for Internet application (TAP-I) and apply for both TAP for Internet and TAVIM. If TAP for the Internet (TAP-I) cannot provide the services and equipment/software you need, your application will be shared with TAVIM and we will waive the need for you to complete the TAVIM application. This will expedite services from both organizations. TAVIM is able to provide some training and software that is not available through MOAT (Missouri Assistive Technology). They also may be able to update software for your assistive tech software after your training has been completed. This approach assures that you receive the best of both programs.

If you know you are not eligible for MOAT’s TAP for Internet, you should complete and submit the TAVIM application.

To apply for services, one can download an application in DOCX format or apply online. In some cases participants may qualify for concurrent assistance from Missouri assistive technology program through the Telecommunications Access Program for Internet (TAP-I). One could apply for those services, if you qualify, by downloading the form in PDF format or in DOCX format..



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Rehabilitation Services for the Blind (RSB) offers services to help blind or visually impaired persons reach personal and employment success. Our belief
is that with the right training and resources, each blind or visually impaired person will be able to achieve their goals. If you would like to refer someone
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